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Rare 1938 Delahaye Teardrop Coupe

This Delahaye (Owned By: Doug and Julie Cadman from Courtland, Ontario) is one of two Figoni and Falaschi teardrop coupes produced in 1938 and is today the sole survivor.  It was shown at the Paris Auto Salon in 1938 on the Figoni and Falaschi stand along side their Model 165  V12. 

Hidden from occupying forces during WW II, the car was not found until 1964. It then took over 20 years before the daughter of the original owner would part with her car. Once purchased in 1985 the car went through an initial restoration and took up residence in a German museum for a period of time before coming to America.

In 2006 it was shipped back to France and restored extensively by Atelier Automobiles Anciennes Dominique Tessier in consultation with Parisian Delahaye expert Benoit BocQuet and Claude Figoni,  son of Joseph Figoni. The result, the exact “ as shown” specification, paint color, interior color and even the French tri-color grille.  Joseph Figoni wanted to show his patriotism to his country of France, even

though he originally was from Italy.

The desirable MS version of the model 135 includes the more powerful  160 HP,  3,557  cc  racing spec engine.  An electric over mechanical Cotal four speed transmission (an early type of automatic transmission), shifts crisp and without the use of the clutch. The superior handling is due to an independent front suspension and rear semi-elliptical springs.

This same year Delahaye won the 24 Hours of Le Mans taking both 1st and 2nd place.  See this incredible piece of history at the 2024 Bay Harbor Car & Boat Festival.     

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